Thursday, January 22, 2009

Q3: Ready, Set, Go

Darden changes at the beginning of Q3. It is not simply new classes, new professors and a large reduction in corporate events. We also change sections. I now sit front row in Section V with my roommate as my mirror. One-quarter of my original section is still with me, but I now share airtime with members of sections A, B and C. We sit in a room that used to be dominated by Section E. Though I adore Section D, the new perspective is welcomed and it’s been fun to meet a few new faces.

Another change to Q3 is interviewing. Interviews are in full swing for a number of people. The bankers are almost done, the consultants hear about their second rounds shortly, while other functions wait for interview calls. For those of us who struck out in round one, we’re working on plan B and thus, I don’t anticipate this quarter being as easy as advertised. However, I do agree that I will have more free time in comparison with the entire first semester.

Speaking of free time, there are a number of “reading days” this quarter. Basically a reading day translates into a day off and the best part, the majority of them are Fridays, which means three-day weekends for the next 3 weeks. Yes, I understand that the point of these reading days is to provide a means for people who must travel to interviews to be able to do so without missing class, but given that I do not have plans to do that this weekend, I will instead catch up on some work and sleep. And of course, kick off the weekend by attending TNDC and perhaps tonight’s Cold Call.

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