Thursday, January 29, 2009


MC: Management Communication

This class is a requirement of Darden's core curriculum. Most people snicker at the thought of it and deem it worthless. Others may see the value, however, still consider it a waste of time. Today, I had a moment when I realized that the value is much more than how to write a letter, address an audience and send the right message. Today, I was given the opportunity to see a little deeper into a number of my classmates.

The last two days have been spent giving two-minute presentations in front of 30 classmates, on video. Yesterday's questions were "impromptu" - meaning we had written a number of questions on index cards, shuffled them, and then randomly dispersed them to the class. The genre was heavily waited towards the economy. Though interesting the first two times, the five or so afterward didn't draw my attention. Today however, we were asked to "prepare" the two minute speech on practically anything they wanted. Some people did so and some returned to the impromptu deck. Regardless, the class resulted in more anecdotes and deeper insights into how and why people are who they are as well as challenges and successes they have faced. I feel I know a little more about my new section mates because of this class and I need to say, Thank You MC!

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