Friday, January 09, 2009

Catching Up on the World

Interviews are 3 days away and besides prep, all I've done this week is read about the world. It's not that I haven't read about the world over the last semester or even year, but I need to be more prepared with my thoughts and opinions than ever before.

The resources that exist are incredible. The Wall Street Journal has some great articles on Madoff, December sales, the future of the economy, etc..., but what I'm enjoying the most is the email updates that get sent to my phone throughout the day for real-time updates on breaking news. In addition, BusinessWeek, which I think my mother ordered for me at some point this semester, has had me amazed. The latest article I read is about the shift of power from the cell phone carriers to the cell phone companies...all made possible my Apple.

I'm still brushing up on my technical knowledge and need to look over the behavioral questions once more, but with a number of mocks scheduled this weekend, I anticipate that I WILL be ready for Monday morning.

On another note, we have received Q2 grades and are slowly getting our tests back. Finance, GEM and Accounting were all very solid. I finished in the pool in regards to Marketing and Operations, however, I don't know if that's due to class contribution or exam grades. We'll see. Back to books.

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