Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Whirlwind

Or perhaps it's better put as a hurricane weekend. I can't believe it's Monday! I'm not sure where the weekend went, but it was a good one. I'm blessed to have good friends that are very dear to my heart.

Lauren, Mike and I saw Bourne on Friday night. AWESOME movie!! It was the perfect relaxing Friday night.

Saturday, I was up at 7 am. I had to be on the field in Palo Alto at 8 am to check in before my 9 am game. I played in the Silicon Valley Soccer Tournament. It was a lot of fun. We didn't have enough women for a full team on the field, but won our first game playing with 9 players and our second, playing with 10. I even scored a goal in the second game. That doesn't happen too often. :) We lost our 3rd game in fine fashion because of shitty refs (that was sarcasm). It definitely sucked, but we knew we'd be facing them again in the championship. The only nice thing about losing the third game was our next game on Sunday morning was pushed to 10:15 am instead of 9 am.

Saturday afternoon I took a quick nap before getting ready to go out on the town with the girls. Jenna, Lauren and I went out to Blue Chalk in Palo Alto. I can't remember the last time I had been out in Palo Alto. In the past year, I've spent the majority of my time in San Francisco. It was a great time. Jenna's teammate Iver came down from SF - had a few drinks and a few dances. Tony stopped by as well. Shauna came by - a little drunk from the football game. Overall, it was a fun night!! I was exhausted by the end however.

My 3 am bedtime was met by another 9 am morning. Game at 10:15 am, which we won with flying colors. I had to miss the championship due to a previous engagement, but I'm happy to report that my team WON, so I get a t-shirt. I headed home for a quick shower and change - then I was off to the Spinsters' new member tea in San Francisco. The tea ended around 4 pm and I had to run back to the house for our 5 pm lobster party. The party was a hit! I had the privilege of inviting a few of my friends. It was the perfect group. Everyone played catch up and got along great. My father and I danced on the porch, then we headed to the patio to enjoy the music, lights and stars. The grounds are amazing!

My night concluded around 11 pm and I was definitely ready for some shut eye. It's Monday morning and I'm ready to go home already. I need to pack tonight for my adventure tomorrow - PARIS! I'm hoping to catch a few winks on the plane.

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