Friday, August 31, 2007

Dual Championships!

Fear and Loathing clinched first place in the SFCRSL with a tie on Wednesday night. It was a spectacular season in which Fear went undefeated. We started slow with various ties, but because of players returning to the team, we finished strong.

My Thursday commenced as usual. I was planning on subbing for a team at 6:15 pm. I got a call at noon saying our women's 7v7 championship was rescheduled for Thursday night at 9 pm. I told her I would be there. Sure enough, we hit the field with 7 players. The other team had practically 2 full lines and I'm sure it was the first game of the night for most of them. Whereas, 4 people on our team already had a game under their belt.

The game was well fought, but ended in a 2-2 tie with the other team scoring in the final minute. We went straight to 10 minutes of overtime. Again, neither team scored. It was time for PKs. Lindsay decided she was playing goalie and stopped the first shot. After a few more we were up 1-0, then tied 1-1, it came down to the last shooter; she scores, we win. Sure enough, beautiful shot!! It was a well deserved and hard fought win. We ended up with trophies, although I would have preferred t-shirts.

It feels good to be on top and today has moved forward accordingly. My day started with a thank you note from my boss and then a call from my mom telling me how wonderful I am. Needless to say, I'm feeling loved and appreciated. Plus I'm excited about Mendo this weekend. WOO HOO! Although I do need some sleep...some day.


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