Monday, August 27, 2007

The Exchange

My French is mildly conversational at best. My favorite phrases quickly became, je ne comprends pas and Parlez-Anglais? Apparently the French like the way I walk. In two nights, I was told that I walk fantastically. I'm not sure what that means, but I presume it's a good thing.

At times, I felt emerged in the culture. Perhaps to the point that no one knew that I couldn't speak fluent French. It's hard to converse because you realize how many holes there are in your vocabulary as well as how many verbs you can't conjugate. I loved just watching and listening to conversations, which I probably understood half.

Time had no meaning for me in Paris. Very little was planned and I didn't have to be anywhere. Clubs don't open until Midnight and I didn't stay long enough to know when they close. My mornings were filled with sleep and my afternoons with Boulangeries, Cafes, walking and shopping. It's a world that was fun to be into, but hopefully next time for a longer spell.

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