Monday, February 23, 2009

Bite-Size World

People claim six degrees of separation, though as social networking sites grow, I'm convinced it's less. I received an unexpected interview invite today. I had practically written off IB for the summer due to the market, but it seems the light is flickering again. With the exciting news, I decided to browse our directory for current alumni at the company, sure enough, someone who is one of my Facebook friends and an alum of Darden works for Oppenheimer. What are the chances?? This is why I say it's a bite-size world.

HC added me as a friend on Facebook when I first got into Darden. We're both Colorado alums and at the time, we were both living in SF. I thought nothing of the addition expect perchance another friend in the world. I was supposed to meet him and some of his buddies for drinks in SF during winter break, but the logistics didn't work out and now, I'm half kicking myself. Little did I know this person would end up being a great resource and friend. It's amazing how small connections can make all the difference.

In another instance, another person I'd met during business school application season is a Facebook friend of mine and sent me a number of job requisition numbers for Wells Fargo. One of the internships sounded fantastic. At the rate this market is going, perhaps the bite-size world will play to my advantage. Here's hoping.

This may additionally be a reason you should be nice to everyone!


Julie said...

Congrats on the interview! I've been reading your blog for some time and this is really encouraging to hear. (Especially as someone who will be going through the internship procurement process in a year!)

Jackie said...

Great story! Good luck on your interview! And thanks for the reminder about being nice to everyone!

Anand said...

Congrats and keep working on networking. Don't rule out any possibilities. Last year, I made many useful connections from sources that at first wasn't even willing to consider. On a related note, I do think one shouldn't need reasons for being nice to everyone, should be because you want to.

Metal said...

Congrats Paige! am sure you will make it through.