Wednesday, February 04, 2009


It seems that with everything going on, I couldn't come up with a better title than stuff, but that's exactly what this post is about. The days have been busy - cases, job search and various meetings/activities. Ok, maybe less true activity...I miss the gym. Tomorrow afternoon I head to Toronto for the weekend. I'm still convinced that my forehead says sucker as warm weather is more appealing than cold weather, yet I still think the weekend is going to be a good time. And crossing my fingers, turns into a job offer for my counterpart.

DSA elections are upon us and nominations must be accepted by Friday at 2p, which means I need to choose by tomorrow, if I'm going to run and what position I would like. Being a member of the Darden Student Association means that you cannot be on the board of any of the individual clubs. For me, I'm ok with that idea and if I end up not winning a DSA position, I will likely return to the clubs. There are a variety of positions and initially I wanted "treasurer", however, I don't want to run against EV. Sounds silly, I know! I've been nominated for Athletics Chair and though that does sound like fun, I'd much rather be able to play next year, instead of organize/ref. Finally, I'm eying V.P. Of course, I'm not sure who would vote for me.

The Outdoors Club is putting on a ski trip to Snowshoe in 2 weeks, which I'm attending. Fifty people, 2 nights, big lodge and some skiing. It's going to be a blast!! I fear with all this playtime that I am putting a dent in my spring break. Meaning, I may have to focus on the job search then. Hmmm, we'll see!

Q3 is 6 weeks long and thus, we're half way through! WOW!!! That's a scary thought. And someone how, even having almost every Friday off this quarter, I'm still cased out. Definitely going to take some "me" time on Friday and RELAX!!!

...Yes, for whatever reason, I'm in better spirits. I suppose this is the way I normally am, positive.

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