Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday Night Bowling

I just realized, I don’t enjoy myself enough. It’s like that morning that you woke up and discovered you’re boring. That’s likely a bit rash, but I was thinking tonight as I prepared for my Merger-Negotiations meeting that I haven’t taken enough time to myself lately. I work hard, which is good, yet, life is about more than work. I spend a lot of time with people who are close to me, though lately, not enough time pretending I’m back in college. This is not to say that Darden has anything to do with these findings. If anything, it’s my driven personality. In fact, my roommate invited me out of a drink last night and I kindly declined. It seems to be twisted. I would like to enjoy myself, but feel if I don’t have an internship, I should be “working” instead. Of course the weight of non-enjoyment and limited release builds up until I breakdown. I never thought of myself as one to stress out. And even now, for the most part, I believe this is still true, but I do have my moments. I think this is a factor of an economy no one really expected. I’m among the best of the best, mostly type A personalities, and it is these people that I must “beat” to land a job. That alone sounds stressful, so to blow off some steam, I am going bowling.


Sania said...

I know the feeling - have been hiding from life because I don't have an internship. Good for you for going out though, hope bowling was fun!

MechaniGal said...

At the risk of sounding redundant, I'm so with you. I feel like I must permit myself one night of freedom from agonizing about no internship - ie Thursday nights, irrespective of whether it is spent sober or soaking up a TNDC. But when Friday morning comes, I'm morose again at the thought of being unemployed.
I'm glad you went bowling and hope you had fun.
Don't worry about the tough times, this too shall pass.