Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where does the week go?

So, it’s Thursday and I meant to write this post on Monday. I often wonder where the week goes. The trip to Toronto was a great time and one of my favorite parts of the city was the PATH. The PATH spans 27 km of downtown and in my opinion, is one big mall. It’s an underground path that connects a number of buildings and businesses in downtown, so that during the cold winters, residents can avoid going outside. It is lined with stores, often similar to those you'd find in a mall. Additionally, it reminds me of the “mole people” from various movies. I’m just waiting for them to take over! Check out the map here.

On a more interesting note, tonight kicks off Day@Darden. Last year was the first time Darden hosted an admit weekend for R1 students. (Big Congrats, by the way!!!)I found it quite beneficial and am still friends with a number of the people I met then. I still can't believe it's been a year since I received "the call". Time flies! For festivities tonight, we're hosting Darden Cup Bowling, followed by TNDC in the same venue. I suppose the admits will get to see the wild-side of Darden and tomorrow they join us in class to experience the case method firsthand. I guess that's the balanced view.

This was my experience: Day@Darden c/o 2010, but it will be interesting to get a new take on it this year. We've tweaked a couple aspects to, hopefully, make it better. Further, I'm interested to see the split among committed Darden members and still researching admits. We had both last year! The other good news is that there are 77 admits coming to campus versus approximately 50 last year. Woo hoo Darden! :D


Julie said...

I wish I could come to Day @ Darden! It sounds like it's going to be great.

PTBNL said...

I think you meant Wahoo Darden!