Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Break via

After a short conversation with my mother regarding spring break, I was kindly told NOT to come home. My original plan was to return to San Francisco, network and hopefully find an internship. Mom pointed out that there are limited opportunities to go travel for a week and once I start working again, these opportunities may become even fewer. On that note, it was time to decide where I wanted to go. Unfortunately, when the world is your oyster, picking one place can be difficult. This spurred a website idea: A travel website where you can input your available travel dates, your home airport code, and the region to which you would like to travel, it would return a number of packages that can then be customized further.

On that note, I’m a huge fan of Kayak for flight travel as it searches the majority of travel websites, quickly and easily, though I was disappointed regarding the flexibility of Kayak’s vacation search. So for this trip, I was reintroduced to another website – Expedia. Expedia allows you to fly into one city, book a hotel for that city, book a hotel for a second city and fly home from the second city. You can choose to find your own transportation between cities or Expedia will book it for you. I was quite impressed with the overall functionality. Additionally, the price was competitive to boot.

After careful consideration, we decided to book our trip to Spain – landing in Barcelona, spending four nights there, and then going to Madrid for three nights. Expedia does offer various tours and passes, though we declined all but one. We couldn’t pass up tickets to a match in Barcelona!! (I’m a huge soccer buff.) This doesn’t remove the looming stress of an internship; however, it should be a fun and relaxing trip. Let me know if you have any must see suggestions. We leave March 8th! :D


Metal said...

make sure you visit the Camp Nou- the home ground of Barcelonas football team(FC Barcelona). Other than that La Ramblas is a must visit promenade. Have fun! and dont think about your internship when ure there. Good luck and Bon voyage!

Ameya said...

Hola! I am also planning to visit Barcelona mid-March... I guess I will have to take tips from you. Have a good one ~~~