Friday, March 13, 2009

Alcohol-Free Beer and Éspresso

Spain has been incredible! We started in Barcelona five days ago and moved to Madrid yesterday. There is so much to write and given that I'm trying to walk and type in Madrid, this is going to be short.

We attended the FC Barcelona champions league game on Wednesday night. Futbol as it is called here, is an institution. It's like attending a college football game with all the chants and none of the debauchery. There are coffee grinders at every other vending station. And though Heineken is a sponsor, the only beer sold is alcohol free. The game was high scoring with a 5-2 win going to FCB. It was very pretty soccer with smooth transitions and great control by Barca. The end of the match was filled with some acting in my opinion, but perhaps that's just homefield advantage.

Besides the game we walked the streets, saw the sights, and grabbed drinks with the fellow Darden students. Last night we did a tapas crawl grabbing drinks and tapas at every stop. Museo de Jamon is an ode to the pig as only the Spanish can do. The shrimp boiling in olive oil were also delicious. If nothing else I will definitely be coming back.

I hope to post pictures and maybe a video of the game later.

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Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed the barca game. i'm a huge fan of the team, hope to attend a game at the nou camp in the near future. btw, you have a great blog - keep it up!