Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Autopilot Malfunction

Do you have those mornings when you wonder what you did with your brain? I definitely do. In fact, I'm blaming this morning's mishap on my "autopilot." I have been fighting a cold the last few days. With that cold has come a not so nice runny nose. To counteract some of the stuffiness, I have refrained from putting milk in my cereal. Simple, right? It seems this morning autopilot did not quite comprehend what I was doing. I poured my Cheerios into my bowl, and then grabbed an empty glass and put it next to the bowl. At this point, I grabbed the OJ from my fridge and carefully poured it into my cereal. Yes, my cereal! Halfway through my pour I snapped out of my trance realizing what I had just done. I guess of all things, it's not the worst that could happen, though I do know a number of my friends were quite entertained with that Facebook status this morning.

In other autopilot news, I carefully wrote my return address on a letter that I need to mail tomorrow. My return address in CALIFORNIA! Ooops! Hopefully the receiver's address is correct and I don't have to worry about the letter returning to my parent's house instead of my own. I guess the good news is, I can laugh! A little humility is good for the soul.

One more final and a review of my paper, then Q3 is complete! I'm off to ATL tomorrow afternoon.


tinydancer said...

I had a similar day a few weeks ago. Had been fighting a cold and woke up feeling particularly bad. Managed to miss two meetings I had that day by either looking at the wrong day on my calendar or completely forgetting to check my calendar. I felt like I left my brain in bed that day when I got up.

P O D said...

where art thou? how'd the interview go?