Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh to be in fourth grade again!! Those were days, huh? Self sufficiency was minimal - meals were prepared and someone had the pleasure of being your designated chauffeur. Not only that, but the inquisitive mind roamed and the energy level was almost always high. At least, this is what I noticed when I participated in BBSF's Take a Kid to Class Day.

A number of fourth graders from the local elementry school had the opportunity to visit Darden on Thursday. A case was written specifically for them by Darden's own Professor Fairchild (my strategy prof). In the morning, the kids were broken into learning teams with a Darden mentor as their lead to discuess the case. Afterwards, the class returned to hold a case discussion, led by Fairchild. Once the discussion completed, another set of Darden students were matched with 3 kids each to have lunch. Finally, the class reconvened and we did an art project.

One of the SYs here used to run summer camps prior to Darden, so she was in charge of presenting the art project. I was very impressed by her demeanor and command of the vibrant audience. We talked about billboards, slogans, logos and why they exist. The kids were very alert and creative. Once directions were issued, the class broke into groups of six, again with Darden students as their leads, and the kids had to come up with a product, a logo, a slogan and a billboard. They were then charged with presenting their billboard to the class. Amazing presentations for such a young group of people.

Definitely a fun day!!

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