Monday, March 02, 2009

Exams: Day Uno

The timing of my cold couldn't be any worse. I'm in between interviews right now and slightly congested. Not to mention, I took a finance exam today that is only worth 65% of my grade. Oh case method, how I <3 thee. After six weeks, illness free, you'd think the bug could have waited one more. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

It's exam week and I'm one exam closer to my trip to Spain. I'm stoked! However, I'm still internship-less and likely have a number of cover letters to write by Friday. Isn't business school fun? It's both scary and exciting to think that we're about to start Q4. This means no more first-year curriculum and for some, no more 8a classes. I contemplated the ritual of being able to sleep in, but acknowledge that I wouldn't be any more productive. I'd simply stay up later and sleep later. At least 8a classes force me to be on a "normal" schedule, though I am happily accepting 11:45a end times on late week electives. WOO HOO.

Tomorrow is my strategy final and as my roommate commonly says, "I just can't be bothered" to study. I love the British! I know I need to focus, but it's definitely difficult right now. Here's hoping that a lot of rest and some good food will kick the cold before I know it.


Jackie said...

I, too, love the British! :)

Hope you feel better, dear.
Good luck (w/both interviews and finals).

Oh yeah, Spain? Donde?
I'm going to Barcelona for the GBE. Y usted?

Anand said...

I saw you on your way to submit the exam. You didnt look to good. Get well soon! r you on the barelona GBE. I took that last year. Its a lot of fun. you'll enjoy it!

JulyDream said...

I will actually be in Barcelona Sunday - Thursday. Then we're taking the train to Madrid. We'll fly home from there on Sunday. No GBE, just having fun! :) Jackie, send me your hotel info.. we'll have to celebrate, Spanish-style. :)