Friday, June 19, 2009

Forte Conference

I've been meaning to write this post for weeks now, but it seems there are always other things on my mind. As an admitted student at Darden, I had visions of being a Forte Fellow, sharing my experiences via video blog, giving prospective and current students advice, and representing my school on a panel at the Forte Conference. Unfortunately, those dreams never panned out as I was not selected to be a Forte Fellow (and have no idea what the selection criteria is). While I have since gotten over it, I feel that I am not lesser of a person for not being one.

All that said, I DID attend the Forte Conference in NYC last year before galavanting off to Germany with the fam! The Conference was very helpful in multiple ways. First, there were some great lessons and presentations. Second, the speakers there, current MBAs and successful women, were aw-inspiring. Finally, companies were there to network and one woman is the reason I spent the entire year recruiting for investment banking. While that career path did not work out, I'm glad I did it. There was a lot of passion there that I didn't know existed. I was also able to meet new classmates before getting on campus and able to network with women from other schools. I met a fellow blogger from Georgetown, whom I had followed during her years there. Darden Alumni met a group of us for dinner. And basically, it was a great way to kick off a couple crazy weeks.

Check out this year's conference being held June 26-27!

PS I will not be in attendance this year due to a conflict in C'ville (I'm moving), however, my roommate is on a first year panel, so look for the Brit and be sure to ask her some tough questions. ;)

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