Thursday, June 04, 2009

Life Changes

Three of my friends are pregnant, one is newly engaged, a few others are about to be hitched, one just bought a house and numerous others are going through moves and life's trials. It amazes me how fast everything changes. And for me, these changes have taken away any hope of reviving my annual Vegas birthday trip. A trip that financially seemed silly for 21 through 24, but is even more ridiculous at almost 27. I suppose the year I cancelled, my 25th would have been the best year to go. Oh well.

I'm excited for all my friends and a bit disappointed that this fantastic idea didn't work as planned. I'm trying to figure out how important it is to me to have certain people there or should I attend the celebrations with mostly family. Though if you knew my family, you would understand just how entertaining they can be.

Besides Vegas I'm headed to the beach in South Carolina for the 4th, back to C'ville to move between houses and my parents are looking to visit in July. This summer is going to fly before I know it.

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