Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I moved to Virginia almost a year ago and when I did so, I said I'd get renters insurance (which was also required by my lease) and change my car insurance. Indeed, my "permanent" address is still in California and will likely stay there until I graduate. All the same, if you “move” your insurance is supposed to be for the state in which you live. I understand why in some cases – if a city is more dangerous for you to drive in, the insurance company wants to be compensated for the increased risk. At the same time, if you are paying more to drive in a city than it should actually cost, theoretically, the driver would want the discount. Well, I never did change my car insurance. I always said tomorrow and of course tomorrow came, the cases won and the phone call was never placed. I decided yesterday was the day to change and sure enough the voice on the opposite side of the phone was pleased to help. She checked Georgia requirements and basically my insurance in California far exceeded any state minimums and thus, is fine for Georgia. Problem is, apparently, it is MORE dangerous to drive in Atlanta than it is in the Bay Area!? Who would have thought?? So out goes another $94, which I should easily recoup if I remember to change my insurance to Virginia when I move back in August. The summer is flying!

This weekend, my parents come to visit!! :D WOO HOO. It doesn’t sound like they care to explore the city much, but we do have plans for a trip to the outlets. I feel like we should do something a little more “Atlanta” besides restaurants, though, I’ve just done a lot of “Atlanta” with other visitors and exploring on my own. We’ll see.

Tonight is also the GRAND OPENING of the little retail shop I’m helping to get financially situated. We’re not close to done yet, but after I fixed a ton of transactions (read: processing returns, re-ringing transactions and applying the appropriate line item or order discounts to match the point-of-sale system with cash collected - reminded me of my 4 years working retail at Express) last night, we’re steps closer. The store has been nominated best baby store in Atlanta 2009 and also had a visit from Sandra Bullock, who has been filming in the area. I'm hoping this bodes well for the future. Plus, just being in the store, makes me want to learn how to sew again. Everything is handmade from recycled material! So nifty.


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