Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Solo Weekend

Atlanta is your typical big city with lots to offer! That said, enjoying many of the places and sights is better spent with someone than solo. Though that may be true, my weekend included a lot of alone time. It seems that the majority of people I know in this town had ventured off to finer places. On Friday night I went for a walk and stopped for a late supper. I sat at the bar next to a local who looked like she was doing "homework." Turns out she was analyzing an inventory report for her first 3 weeks of business. We spoke at length about anything and everything. She has two daughters, one who attends Haas ironically enough. She opened a children's clothing store 3 weeks ago and frequents the restaurant I was in. She asked if I needed some extra money, to which my imagination flashed back to the days of working retail with fickle customers. I declined, but inquired as to if she was looking for extra help. She said she had one project - she needed someone to set up an accounting system. I was a bit baffled as that would be on the top of my priority list for a new business, but I guess that's the difference between designer and number-nerd. All the same, I said I'd be interested, not for the funds, but for the experience. I emailed her when I returned home, but haven't received a response. Oh well... more time for me.

Saturday I watched a few movies and wandered around the area. I was starting to feel lonely as hanging out by yourself in a new city is only so fun. I still don't know where the usual amenities are. Saturday night, I ventured out again, but this time for a drink. I walked up and down N. Highland and settled on a bar whose name reminds me of a Boulder bar from undergrad. I walked in to see one of the other interns there, out for his brother's bachelor party. It looked almost too tame for me. The boys might as well have been on a houseboat - with no females! We spoke for a while and after my drink I headed home.

Sunday mirrored much of Saturday. I grabbed breakfast at a fabulous local joint. Ate at the bar and people-watched. The entire weekend made me realize just how hard it can be to move to a new city. Most of my moves have been for education, which allows for instant friends, this move is quite different. I've scoured the net for soccer teams too, but to no avail. However, my friend from college who lives here says that I can play with her next season (starting soon). I'm going through mild withdrawals since my Vegas tournament!!

In better news, my boyfriend comes in on Friday and there is plenty to do in the area with Summerfest happening about a 100 yards from my house. I'm also planning a trip back to CA in August!


MechaniGal said...

Oh tell me about this moving to a new city thing! I'm here in Mumbai and feeling so lost! I can't even bring myself to go out and eat alone (I don't mind doing it but I'd rather be busy feeling miserably lost)... hence the facebook status.

Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta, and I can advise about some of the better local spots, especially around the Highlands. Sundays are best at Noche and Hand in Hand for dollar beers. Mondays are good at the Dark Horse for Metalsome Karaoke. In Midtown I would recommend Twisted Taco and Front Page News. There are some decent clubs around there, like Opera, but that's not really my thing, so I can't offer too much advise about that. As you can tell, I get out occasionally.

Anonymous said...

I often read your Darden blog, and find it a great read as I am soon entering business school. I have to wonder though (and don't take this the wrong way), but I often notice you taking many trips, eating, lounging at the bar, and having enough funding to support a blackberry data plan. With that said, how does a MBA student afford such a lifestyle? Can I ask if you received a scholarship for your MBA, that allows you this flexibility?

Again, please don't take this the wrong way, I'm curious as I will soon be in this situation.

JulyDream said...

I suppose financing is a legit question. In some ways my circustances are special. I lived at home for four years rent free which allowed me to save a good portion of what I made. I also make smart decisions. If I want to grab drinks, I do, I simply eat meals at home to offset it. Things in c'ville may also be less expensive. As for travel, it's a combo of built up miles, trade-offs and family that wants to see me.

So in short, no scholarships but you only live once. Most MBAs also view govt money and financial aid differently.