Thursday, June 04, 2009

What is it about the floor candy jar?

This is a very tenured company. Most employees I've met have been around for multiple years if not decades. The kind woman who sits kitty-corner from me tells me that she's gained 60 pounds during her 4 years here. I'm not quite sure that's true, but I'm sure there is some office weight in there. I sit right next to the floor candy jar. On one hand, I meet numerous snackers, but on the other, I've done all I can not to indulge myself. I have a horrible sweet-tooth, though you wouldn't know it since I've been here.

At work, even before business school, I was always regimented with my meals. And so here, even with the expansive cafeteria that I'm convinced is partially subsidized by the company, I'm trying my best to keep with my previous trend. It's hard! When I meet friends for lunch with my fancy Igloo Maxcooler filled with tuperware and portioned food, I walk by the grand cafeteria thinking I COULD have one cookie. Though one cookie today will lead to one tomorrow and while I'm here, I'm trying to find my routine because as we all know, it goes to hell when I return to C'ville. "Regular" meal times and gym time is often subsidized by cases and free pizza.

My goal for the next 8 weeks: Keep my hand out of the candy jar!

Darden grades were updated today. I logged in thinking this may make or break my day at 9a. I'm proud to announce, it made my day! I was impressed with my performance and look forward to seeing professor comments on my exams.

The Finance Interns are going to dinner tonight. Should be a fun way to kick off the weekend except that I need to be somewhere at 6a tomorrow. OUCH.

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