Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Job #2

As if I didn't have enough to this summer with trips on the horizon to Charlottesville, a beach in SC, Vegas and SF. My parents are coming to visit next weekend. I may head to DC for another weekend in July. I'm still exploring Atlanta and the one thing I've learned is they sure eat well here. Well as in delicious, not necessarily good for you. I'm joining a Tuesday night soccer team and playing pick-up on Saturdays. Plus, the Darden crew has been desperately trying to meet up for drinks - thus far, to no avail. So with all this going on, not to mention my internship, which is the real reason I'm in Atlanta, why would I need a second summer job? I guess the truth is, I don't, but I'm hoping this may be a resume builder.

One of my first solo weekends here I met a local store owner while eating at the bar of my beloved tapas restaurant. We got to talking and she's been open for 4 weeks now. She's a designer and manufacturer of children's clothes. The retail outlet is something she has almost casually tacked on. The clothes are very cute articles which are made from recycled material - material that was once something else, for example, sheets, pillow cases, and seed bags. She asked if I needed extra money - thinking no way would I work retail again (after a combined 4 years during and post college), I declined, but still inquired as to if she needed help. Needless to say, she had a project in mind, her finances. Being a finance person who is honestly too detail oriented, I couldn't understand why this woman hadn't put effort into the money side of the business. I told her that although I was not looking for summer work, I'd be interested in helping her.

We had another meeting earlier this week to discuss what she needs, wants and can afford. Yesterday started the reconciliation process and I'll admit, I have my hands full. Part of me understands that she doesn't want to spend a lot of money on software, however, as her newly appointed financial consultant, I believe you should do it right the first time. I didn't get as far yesterday as I'd hoped, but I'm anticipating squaring to zero on Sunday.

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Metal said...

Sounds like an interesting project! way to go!