Friday, May 29, 2009

No Reason for Silence

I'm not sure why I've been so silent. Last weekend my friend N.A. came to visit me here in Atlanta. First, it was great to see her, but more importantly, it was fun to have someone here with whom I could explore. We dined at a local Tapas restaurant (5 blocks from my house). The food was delicious and the sangria was even better. Turns out there's a gelato place a block further than the Tapas restaurant. That tidbit of information may become quite dangerous (I LOVE ICE CREAM!). That night we spent in the Virginia Highlands. Cute town and nice bars, but I really am a dancer. It'll still be good when I just want to grab a drink though.

Saturday was spent shopping in the Highlands. My friend and I both bought new dresses. Saturday night when we went to a lounge in Midtown, I realized that dresses and cute shorts are the "in" attire for nightlife. I suppose it makes sense given the typical humidity-temparture combination that has been very mild thus far. There was some overcelebraing in our party on Saturday night, so Sunday was very lowkey. My temporary roommate met a couple cute Italians and spent the next couple days hanging out with them, though she leaves this Monday. All in all a successful weekend!

On the work front, my manager finally returned on Monday, though she had training. We discussed expectations and had dinner at a traditional southern restaurant. It can't be good for you, but damn, it tastes like butter. On Day 8 of my internship, I joined the team for Habitat for Humanity. I basically spent all day caulking doors, baseboard and windows. It was an excellent way to "bond" with the team, even if we weren't working together on our house projects. And today is Friday!! I've discovered that I don't know anyone in Atlanta besides the other interns. The couple I've asked about plans this weekend are leaving town, so I may be flying solo. I've been to clubs solo in Paris, but I'm not sure about Atlanta. Should be interesting.

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