Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Keep Telling Myself

Last week concluded first year classes for me. Unfortunately, I still have a week of finals ahead. I took off on Thursday and drove to Louisville, KY where I met the family and kicked off Derby weekend. The Derby is an event like no other (more on that later). Subsequently, I failed to do ANYTHING productive this weekend.

I've returned to ELA hell (which is a LARGE group project due on Friday) and have still managed to be unproductive though I know how important being a group member is. I keep telling myself to power through and not to drop the ball now, but find that is much harder than I'd like to admit. I suppose it's because as much as I understand now what the end goal of all our muddling was, I'm extremely irritated by the fact that I don't have any of the right answers to my questions. We've already interviewed people with questions that I now deem unworthy. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if we can go back to the company because of the massive hoops we had to jump through in the beginning. FRUSTRATING!!! I am NOT a lazy person or group member, yet my worth is dwindling. ONE MORE WEEK! I can't wait for a break from school.

Note: ELA = Enterprise Leadership Audit. It is a new project in one of our first year core courses where we work with a company to figure out where they invest in their people/processes that helps support their strategy. The ideal company for this project is around 50 members, local and you know someone of power in it to collect the information you need. Unfortunately, that is not our company.

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