Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ATL First Impressions

I spent the better part of 7 hours driving to Greenville, SC yesterday. It was weird to walk out of my apartment and know that is it for the next three months. I kept thinking I over packed because my SUV looked rather full, but I really don't own much in C'ville so it couldn't be true. I said goodbye to my boyfriend, fully knowing I'd see him in Vegas this weekend. However, it still felt too odd.

Last night I stayed at a friend's house. We chatted about her wedding details, a little about the MBA and mostly played catch up. She was a great hostess I just wish I felt better so that I could have been a better guest.

I arrived in Atlanta this morning a few sub-10am. My first thought as I saw the large city is that I have some directions to learn. Oh boy! My subletter was here for only a few minutes before he ran off to catch a flight. Being here, I feel like I'm in a hotel. Not because this place looks anything like a hotel, especially with my sheets on the bed, but because it all feels foreign. There's someone else's dishes in the cabinets, someone else's couches in the living room and my temporary roommate looks nothing like the beautiful Brit I've become accustomed to seeing.

Now to locate the store and return without getting lost. Baby steps.

(Thank goodness for GPS...it is not always the most direct though it gets you there. )
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