Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 5: Starbucks

I'm not a frequenter of Starbucks, but with extra time these past mornings and a craving for something warm, I've found myself there more than once this week. Every day, I set my alarm slightly later. I have found that this means the line is that much longer at Starbucks. I'm not one to go hysterical regarding lines, however, Starbucks is not a neccessity to my being and it drains my pocketbook. So convincing myself not to go, is NOT bad. I decided on my drive over today that if there were more than 4 people in line, I was going to walk out. Four, though an arbitrary number, made sense to me. Sure enough, I walked in to a line of 5 people. I stood there for a moment contemplating just waiting. Then I decided I should uphold the deal I had made on the drive over. I realize this story is a bit odd, but given the vast "temptations" of sweets and less healthy items at work (cafeteria food), I considered leaving a Win. I just need to remember my willpower going forward.

In other news, my friend from college, who ironically lives in SF, comes in today! Though I know nothing about Atlanta, she agreed to exploring the city together. I've spent the last couple days walking up and down N. Highland, the main drag of the Virginia Highlands with cute restaurants and expensive boutiques. I'm looking forward to trying a couple new restaurants over the weekend.

Back to the information dump we call internship.

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