Saturday, May 09, 2009

Summer Goodbyes

Many people have been celebrating the end of finals and our new second year status. Second years are holding their goodbyes and enjoying what's left of their new freedom. Some have already left to either be with loved ones or to enjoy a couple non-darden weeks before internships begin. All in all it feels good, however it is a bit strange to say summer goodbyes which is in the end what has happened every time you finish talking to someone. In the end, there are also some summer hellos as people slowly find out where everyone is going to be this summer.

I also find it comical how conversations don't revolve as much about darden anymore and are more directed towards summer activities. For instance, do you have an internship? Where are you going to be this summer? When do you start? How long are you working? Are you traveling with your free time?

It is a whole new ballgame. And the funny part, when we return next year, it'll probably feel as if we never left.

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