Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mid-day Funeral

If I were to say it hasn't been a roller coaster day, I would definitely be lying. Though I had the day off on Monday, it was confirmed, I lost the battle against the cold I had been fighting all weekend. Tuesday was like any other Tuesday that feels like Monday - work, home, meeting, and home again. Even if I tried, I wouldn't have made it to bed by 10 pm as I arrived home only moments before that hour. Given my health status, I still proceeded to attend work at 7 am this morning, which had me a bit perplexed as I read earnings reports from two of my holdings which gave me the most substantial profits of last year. There they go. I still wonder if I should sell, but remind myself that I am a longterm investor.

I was supposed to leave at 8 am sharp, but walked out the door at 20 past, starved. Things were apparently hectic at home because everyone was supposed to be ready for our 8:30 am departure. Luckily, I live close to work so my delay did not delay the family. I walked in the door of the house to walk right back out. And we were off... to the funeral.

I thought I could hold it together this time seeing the last time I had visited this specific church was 6 years for another funeral, my grandmother's. I said my hellos to each family member, signed the book, and quickly turned my head away from the pictures scattered on the front table. I knew I would lose it if I gazed at them any longer. Yes, today my grandfather is in a better place, I know that. I just hope he and my grandmother have reunited as she was his sole true love, even after 55 years they parted too soon.

The day was more emotional than I anticipated, which is probably a combination of the sadness of the day and my unstable health. BLAH! I think my father did better during this ceremony than the last one we all attended. Everyone always says to remember their life and I do. My grandfather lived a full one, WW II vet, financial advisor, father of 4 children, happy, giving, and overall a complete gentleman. I am blessed to have known him. And blessed to have caring people in my life. But it doesn't mean I omit tears from today.

...Not much else on other fronts. I hadn't seen a lot of my family in quite a long time, so it was good to share stories with them, but I'm at a loss when it comes to the b-school front. I should hear back in the next two weeks, however I hate explaining with such uncertainty that I intend on going to b-school, and don't know if it will be this year. I have my semi annual review tomorrow and was talking with my mom's friend, I need to tell my bosses that whether or not I go to b-school this year, I will be leaving soon. I can't take another year of my job. Although it's been good experience and I adore my bosses, it's time to find something new, find my passion. The friend suggested I work on campaign of someone she knows. It's something to consider.

Last thought, I need to come up with an outfit for MASTER OF THE FUNK. R.O.C.K. is an organization in San Francisco that helps inner-city kids. I am going to be a member of their host committee for their Third Annual Funk Out with R.O.C.K. in April. We are creating a You Tube type promotional video titled “Who will be crowned the Master of the Funk”. The video will feature about 5 seconds of each of us dressed in our funkiest attire and giving our best pose, dance, strut, Blue Steel look or whatever. So any ideas would be appreciated. :)


Metal said...

Hello Paige, nice blog .. i was looking for potential Dardenites ; did ur interview go?..The wait seems really long to write back.Cheers

Paige said...

The word potential is definitely there, I'm crossing my fingers and keeping my head held high! :D Did you interview recently or back in December? Definitely ready for a decision, but I'm not sure the wait is any longer than other schools. The interview was not as solid as I'd hoped, but it just has to be enough. ;)

Metal said...

Hi again, I interview in the first week of Jan, went pretty well id say..lets c...
Could you email me if possible? Id like to talk to you( right now) and share my experiences..God im feeling quite nervous...maybe coz theres a lot at visit my blog sometime..its in its infancy though ;P Adios..

Metal said...

Opps forgot my id :
I am on gtalk.

m@ said...

Always keep what's most important in front of you, even in the midst of applying (and attending school!) -- those are the kinds of people that truly make an impact on the places they inhabit.

Re: ROCK -- just go Parliament all the way. George Clinton braids are the RAGE. ;)

HappyBunny said...

Thanks for the support. :) You got to take care of yourself too. Health is everything, your capital for fighting in the big world. :P Hope you feel better soon. Crossing my fingers and toes for ya.