Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm not sure what made me think that I'd awake with a status update in my inbox. Perhaps, it is because today is decision day and logically I thought, they'd update the system at 12:01 am. But no, it ain't so. The weird dreams woke me sometime between 12 am and 6 am. I realize that's a wide window, but I forced myself back to sleep without looking at the clock. The dreams were pleasant and I'm hoping that's some indication of the route for my day.

Additionally, I have my semi-annual review today. It was postponed from yesterday as the morning got away from us. I'm not exactly sure what to say. Part of me would like to say I'd leave this joint with or without an admit, but I'm too loyal and too committed. I'd have to find something that truly interests me to leave as much as I'm ready. A client called today and through the grape vine had heard of my aspirations, he said he was happy for me, but that he and the firm would be sad when I leave. It's nice to hear the appreciation, but doesn't make hard decisions easy.

I slipped on my way out to dinner last night. Apparently our front stairs are incredibly slick when wet, ouch! I didn't fall, but caught myself mid-slide and ever since, my knee has bothered me. This doesn't bode well for the 4 scheduled soccer games this weekend. We'll see how tonight goes. Not to mention, I'm still wrestling with hip injuries. Argh, just can't win there. Current considerations are investing in pilates or a chiropractor. Maybe even both!

I browsed the BW Forum for the first time today. I know, scary. Ok, maybe not the first first, but the first time I've actually gone searching for word from schools. Some have heard good news, which is pleasant, but it doesn't make the clock move any faster. Tick...tock.

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