Thursday, January 31, 2008

Waiting... waiting

My heart is racing and I'm antsy. I returned home to a message on my phone from Wendy Huber of Darden. All it said was, please call me back. Hmmm... I can only anticipate that this is a good sign as I don't think schools call people unless they are being admitted, however, I have to wait a few more hours to find out for certain. I almost had tears run down my cheeks as I told my mom that I THINK I got into Darden. Can't I fast forward time a bit...?

Thoughts are running through my mind - travels, the wedding I'm in, work, quitting, etc... I guess I need to be patient. Maybe a cocktail will help.


Wingman said...

If your call was anything like I got from Whitney at Darden that means I owe you a huge congratulations!

Are you going to make it to the welcome weekend on the 15th?

Neo2000 said...

I'm pretty sure they not making you call back to simply Ding you.



Time to break out the champagne! :)

gullu said...

I am researching for class of 2011 thats how i came across your blog.
All the best with Darden.
Well from the blogs that i have read looks like the toughest part on the road to MBA is this waiting game :)