Friday, February 01, 2008


I don't think I've stopped to catch my breath as I read CONGRATULATIONS a few hours ago. I've been to San Francisco and back for a beer with some teammates to celebrate Tim's birthday. I tried not to steal the thunder, but couldn't settle down long enough to sit in a chair. I'm so happy I'm on the verge of tears - happy tears. 10 Months of hard work has finally paid off, with two dings, one wait list, and now an admit to my number one school, I can't explain how much this means.

I've had the pleasure of making some friends along the way, and I'm hoping, these people will soon be classmates. If not, I look forward to hearing about their adventures in business school. I'm still in shock. I realize I have a lot of logistics to figure out in the coming weeks, namely, when do I leave my job, but until then, I pause, smile, and prepare for a weekend of CELEBRATION!

Thanks to all who have been there on my journey. From family and friends who listen to my complaints, to my sacred reviewers, generous recommenders, and fabulous blog readers. I couldn't have gotten through this without you! :D

Signing off, I need to rest up for an intense weekend. I'll write more when I actually catch my breath.


gullu said...

AWESOME!! Congratulations!!
Enjoy the moment.
btw that was quick reply on my blog.
I will most definitely be in touch with you once i have made some firm decisions

Metal said...

Congratulations Paige!!
Me got dinged :(

Miss Curly Bee said...

Wowwwwwwwww!!!!! :-)
I'm so happy to hear this news!! Congratulations!!!! :-)

adekku said...

Congratulation Paige!
Am happy for you ^o^

MBAandBeyond said...

Many Congrats Paige!! Well deserved :)
Party time eh? ENJOY!!!

hazyblur said...

Congratulations Paige, that's really great news... enjoy the moment.

Achilles said...

Congratulations Paige!!

I am so very happy for made it!!
I can really imagine how you are feeling today as i myself was blessed with the same oppertunity yesterday....

congrats and enjoy every moment of's your time to feel proud of yourself

Neo2000 said...

:)i told you you werent going to get dinged! And see, all my positive vibes for you to get into b-school paid off :D

Congratulations once again!!

Have a great time :)

Eight Schools said...


I am so happy for you. This is really wonderful news.

Wired said...

hey paige,
congratulation for you admit
wish you good luck for future

Wingman said...

Paige - we'll in fact be classmates! I'll have a full post about it on my blog today - Congratulations again and see you in a couple weeks.


mbarunnergirl said...


HappyBunny said...

WOW WoW!! I'm so happy for ya! Congds! It's almost like myself getting admitted. Awesome!!

ishi said...

I just finished thanking you for the words that you left on my post, and now I come across this news! Wow so my day has become even brighter :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I, too, got a bunch of dings and 1 waitlist, but got admitted to my first choice (is that not so weird?). Unlike you, I heard really early on in the process about my admit, so it was a buffer for each new ding that came my way. I CANNOT imagine the stress of being down to your last totally deserve it! ENJOY!

m@ said...

yessss. :) It's all uphill from here, Paige. Congrats!

mbabound said...

Congratulations Paige!!

The.Grey.One said...

Congrats !!!
Have a great time.

Paige said...

Thank you all for the congrats! I sincerely appreciate it. After a crazy weekend in SF... it's time to settle down, get healthy and start planning. Best of luck to all my fellow applicants, I hope your dreams come true. :D

Jardin said...

I have a ques. I applied to Darden for the fall 2009 intake in R1 and got done with my alum interview a few days ago. However, I havent received a decision yet though the deadline is 30th Jan.
Is it common for there to be a delay for a couple of days or should I get in touch with the school because I was unable to reach them on Saturday by phone? Not sure if they work on Saturdays though.
Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your time in Darden and congratulations. All the best! Cheers.