Friday, February 01, 2008


It's hard for me to focus on work today, yet I can't tell if it's the excitement or incessant headache I have. Everyone has started to ask questions and I'm on information overload. First decision: Stay at my job through the end of April or middle of July? Hmm...pros and cons to each. I have always wanted to journey around the world before business school, but as I think of the finances and logistics, I wonder if that's the right path. My bosses posted the job description almost immediately after they heard my news. Yes, it's exciting and I realize it will take time to fill my shoes, but a part of me is unnerved. I haven't even decided when I'm leaving!

On the other hand, my parents are asking about costs. They have offered to help support me during my 2 year sabbatical from the working world so that I'm not completely under water on the other side. For this, I'm VERY fortunate and lucky, I recognize that, however, I have problems accepting the help. I know I shouldn't as I still live at home, but I do. I don't want restrictions on what I do or what decisions I make and for some reason, I feel as if that's what financial dependency is. Hence, I learn towards staying at work and getting my next bonus.

In my personal life, I have commitments through the end of May and possibly longer, though I'm unsure because my women's soccer season hasn't even begun. Additionally, what the hell would I do with so much free time?! I'd almost be tempted to get a part time job so I don't become incredibly lazy. I suppose I just feel like I'm being replaced already and I still have six months until I move. Likewise, I haven't even received my acceptance package. Is it happy hour yet?


HairTwirler said...

I always recommend the QUIT AND TRAVEL option! :) Finances are of course an issue- is there no 3rd way? Say quitting in June?

Metal said...

It would be a good idea to take a break and charge your batteries before slogging in B school.....and hey thanks for the sotthing comments on my post, they really help move forward.

HappyBunny said...

I would totally recommend QUIT AND TRAVEL! what are you waiting for? When you have tons of money, you might not enjoy the trip as much, because you will 60 years old, no way you can party hard in Amstradam, hike in South France. :P That's what I'm going to do. Damn, if I applied a year early, we could totally do a Eurotrip + asiantrip together.

the being said...

I am late with this, but congrats!!!!!!

I totally get wat u mean by the financial dependency part. I will just give one umbrella piece of (unasked for) advice - don't worry about the money! Just get a loan for the estimated expenses provided by the school. It might not be "enough" at times, but that is why we have ramen!