Thursday, February 21, 2008


As mbabound said, we're totally drinking the kool-aid! I returned home from the movies last night to a box outside my door, after pondering if I had ordered anything lately, I looked at the return address, "Mail from Virginia." I had read on the DardenPortal that people had received a package from Darden. At first, I thought maybe it was only sent to students who couldn't attend Day@Darden as I hadn't received one, but I was wrong. More swag! (I now know where my application fee went. ha!) Enclosed was a Darden mug and black leader portfolio with the school logo stamped in silver. Classy. Among the items in the box, the t-shirt and Darden USB flash drive from Day@Darden, my favorite item isn't anything material. It was the letter enclosed in my box from Dean Brunner and the leadership team, which talked about Darden as a relational school versus a transactional school. I sat there for a moment and thought, this is exactly why I applied and will attend Darden.

Do all schools send boxes of swag?


Miss Curly Bee said...

cool, any pictures you can share to have a peek at the goodies? :)

mbabound said...

The Duke admit package had a car sticker & sticky note pad.

The Kellogg admit package had a leather padfolio. From DAK, we got a hot travel mug, car sticker, t-shirt, and pen (which I've already lost). One of my classmates got a silver business card holder engraved with the Kellogg logo from the local accepted student event she went to. I want one!!

I dunno if I'll ever get used to purple though.

mbarunnergirl said...

I JUST got a package from the University of Wisconsin. No, I didn't apply. I think it was because when I ordered more GMAT score reports I said programs could contact me (big mistake, my email hates me) But this package is from the Center of Brand and Product Management and I got lots of goodies!! Listerine, Kleenex, a copy of Quicken, Neutrogena. I was stoked.

In term of admit swag, Columbia sent me a paper folder with some brochures. Chicago's was plastic portfolio, but it did have a usb memory drive with pictures of ChicagoGSB preloaded :)

HairTwirler said...

Yup! I documented some of mine last year. It was fantastic. I still use my luggage tag from Yale (with the Yale bit turned inside out) and my Maryland pens (no MD insignia). :) I gave the USB memory stick to my Dad!

HappyBunny said...

I love goodies. Hope for lots of those at the end of the year. :P

HappyBunny said...

I love goodies. Hope for lots of those at the end of the year. :P