Monday, February 04, 2008

Logistics and such

It's 10 o'clock and I have yet to eat anything. I've been at work 3 hours and feel more human than I did yesterday, however, my cold, even after 2 weeks, has worsened. Can you tell I had a good celebratory weekend?

Logistics: Where to begin?

Day@Darden is in 2 weeks and I'm still trying to figure out if it is feasible to go based on costs and time off work. Granted, I was just in C'ville, but I think it would be nice to meet some of my fellow classmates and get to know more about the 1st years I will be joining. Additionally, information on housing would help the stress of moving. I'm likely to live on campus, but I'm not sure how much room is available. And I do plan on bringing my car with me, which seems to be another hassle with the VA DMV. Cheers.

Next, the job. I likely decided many moons ago that I wasn't going to be here through July. Though the thought of the bonus is tempting, I always wanted to travel the summer before business school and this is my chance. I spoke with a friend yesterday who wants to go to Prague and travel Europe for two weeks. He's a buddy from college, thinking about business school, who is simply great company, so I may take him up on the offer. Another friend wants to travel Europe for 2 weeks as well, and she would be a blast. Lastly, there is someone else interested in South America for a few weeks. Maybe I really could go around the world. ;) Another thought was to connect with future classmates or b-school students and try to set up travel. Obviously still some planning on that front.

I have logged in and connected with a few people on the DardenPortal who I met while in C'ville for my interview. I've decided Darden is brilliant for requiring on campus interviews. DardenPortal is similar to a facebook/myspace, but just for Darden students. You're automatically connected to all admitted students through a group as well as admits in your region. There are additional groups based of post-grad interests and you can create your own groups - I started one for Soccer. Go fig, huh? It's fun to see where people went to school, where they live, what their career interests are, and some of us have already added photos. Friend requests are possible, although the UI could be better. I've also decided the Portal doesn't like long email messages as I ran into some hiccups trying to respond to someone - I get a little longwinded sometimes. ;) Either way, it's a great idea and I'm guessing most schools have some sort of community like this. I thought about making a facebook group for the Darden class of 2010, but perhaps I should slowdown a bit.

It's time to find some food and perhaps focus on some work... Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" - John Quincy Adams


Metal said...

Hey, sounds really great, planning a trip with your "to be" say go for it!

adekku said...

Uhm... maybe you could include South East Asia into your round the world trip.. ^_+