Friday, January 25, 2008


My review went well today. Bonus - Check. Raise - Check. Positive comments - check, check. But then we started discussing what's on the horizon. Indeed, my bosses would love for me to stay, however, they also support me in my decisions. I was asked if I would consider staying if business school doesn't work out this year, and in turn, they would help frame my position in a manner to make me a stronger candidate next year. The offer is great, though, I don't want to be in operations anymore. I mentioned I needed to find my true passion.

I have always loved numbers, but shied away from being an accountant. I like puzzles and putting the pieces together - or finding the missing piece. Perhaps this is the reason consulting interests me. Corporate finance is another realm I haven't discounted, but I'm not exactly sure how to break into corporate finance without starting from the bottom again. ...I like my salary a little more than that. I've contemplated taking the next year and applying to a few consulting firms if things with school don't work out, but then that may postpone school for too long. It may be bad to say, but I am a woman and as much as I want a high profile career, it'd be nice to have a family as well. This is something I'd like to do before the family.

Can you tell I'm avoiding work today?

What are you passionate about?


Achilles said...

What are you most passionate about? :)

This seems to be Darden essay#1. and i really dont think i answered that question from my heart. So its not unexpected that i didnt get their call :)


HappyBunny said...

passion is something make your heart jumping in triple digits. :P Hope the business school thing will work out for you this year. cross my fingers for ya, and toes.