Saturday, January 26, 2008


I must have checked my email over a dozen times yesterday, I checked again this morning, and nothing. I started to wonder why schools have deadlines if they don't stick to them. Thus, I signed on to the Georgetown website looking for a sign - of any sort. When I scrolled ALL THE WAY to the end of the homepage, I saw, your decision is available. Did I actually miss this when I checked yesterday?? I'm not sure, but maybe it doesn't matter. I opened the letter looking for the final words, but found that instead, I'm being offered a place on their WAITING LIST. I suppose it's better than an outright ding and maybe my essays made up for what I feel was my worst interview. Though honestly, I'm a bit perplexed and am not sure how I feel at this moment. My mood is almost that of a person who shrugs their shoulders and takes a step forward. This is not timely considering my job would like more definite answers, however, I can't provide them. Crossing my fingers that the last one works out. Cheers.


Metal said...

One thing you can do from your side is to keep in touch with the Ad Com about your latest developments/progress. This will improve your chances. Keep the hope alive.Cheers

Anonymous said...

yup, WL's better than getting dinged anyday! All the best for Darden in 4 days

Miss Curly Bee said...

Paige, i'm rooting for you!.. there's a Waitlist Best Practice Compilation here:

Maybe that'll be helpful to you :-)

Keep the faith!! And all the very best for Darden!!!

Achilles said...

i got waitlisted at Ross :(

Will keep you updated if you like on what all i am doing on it...

i really want to get off from WL status to an admit :)

hope you also are able to make it an admnit.....ATB