Sunday, October 19, 2008

100 Case Party

Culminating the end of Q1 is the legendary 100 Case Party. This year we dressed in our finest 80s attire and headed to an undisclosed location via chartered bus to break it down like it was 1982! If only I knew what it was like to party in 1982... Half the FY class spent their Friday at Goodwill, the other third at Halloween stores and the final part in the depths of our closets. The costumes were phenomenal and there were very few people who didn't dress the part. The finest beer money can buy, Natural Light, was supplied for our enjoyment. In addition, there was a cash bar if Naty Light was not high on your consumption list. I surfed the crowd most the night accumulating 225 pictures. Oh yes, back in action kids... however, it was a friend's camera, so I am still waiting for the upload. Everyone drank, danced and bonded. The end of the night was capped when one of the party planners destroyed a guitar that read "100 Cases". It's back to the grind tomorrow and I'll admit that I was a bit disappointed to have cases and LT today. Not because I dislike my LT, but because this means it's back to reality - 5 days of class, cases, briefings and networking events. My goal this quarter is to keep the gym in my life - starting at 5:45am tomorrow. WOO HOO!


Lauren said...

YAY!!! Congrats! Good luck in your next quarter. I hear ya on the gym. I'm making sure I go at least once a week but sometimes even that's hard.

Bill Gray said...

Did you make it to the gym at 5:45am? I have never been able to have a good workout that early in the morning. Do you have a trick?

JulyDream said...

I have been semi-consistent with the early morning gym time. My goal - 3 days of working out during the week... then Sat and soccer on Sun. The trick.. hmm... I suppose it's if I don't go then, I don't go at all. I never gained a freshman 15 in college, I don't need to gain one here. ;)