Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Positive Encouragement

There's nothing more rewarding that positive encouragement from your peers. I often receive encouragement on the soccer field after I've made a good play, or even a play that inherently was good and went wrong. However, the best encouragement comes from classmates after a cold call, a good discussion or anywhere in between. It boosts the confidence and reminds you that you may know more than you think you do. We've been forecasting in Finance lately and I've never done the type of forecasting with which we are experimenting. My budget forecasting at EC Management came from personal knowledge of the business and the anticipated revenues and costs over the future period. Today, we're given limited information via cases and are asked to interpret, similar to what I will need to do for banking though I should have better access to the decision makers. After a cold call today that went smoothly, I feel more prepared that I expected. Apparently, I do have some idea what I am doing and it took a section D mate to remind me. Thanks OR!

Back to cases...


Mandy said...

hey darlin!
glad you nailed the cold call. that confidence-booster carries you a long way! i'm glad you had a bit of expertise upon which to rely, as well! that must feel nice.
keep truckin. black november will come and go before you know it. your friendly s.y.s are always here, so lean on us if you need.

Anonymous said...

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