Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Break Called Finals

Imagine that, finals has transitioned from a stressful time to a "break". With only one test per day that equates to approximately 5 hours of work, I'm thoroughly enjoying finals. I have found time to insert the gym back into my life, sleep, relax and simply enjoy C'ville. It seems there are multiple reasons finals feel relaxing. First, there isn't a lot to study. Yes, we have covered a lot of material, but if you have been maintaining pace with cases, most cases build on each other. And if you don't know it now, hopefully you know where it is in your notes because tt is open note after all. Furthermore, we don't have additional cases to complete. Translated, after the test is over at 3p, the entire afternoon is open to fill at will, which also means, there are no briefings. All those button-down shirts that have been dirtied in past few weeks can now by washed, ironed and hung in the closet for another 3 days. FANTASTIC!

Yesterday, I taught the Decision Analysis(DA) review session. After 3+ hours working on PowerPoint slides, I think I accumulated enough information to give a good presentation. Though I felt a little lackluster in my explanations, I received many thank yous! It's a great feeling to help my classmates and I'll admit, it's a bit strange sitting at the front of the class. I wonder if that is how the professor feels, you can scan the room and tell when people are perplexed or when the light bulb brightens.

The day is moving and I am leaving for a soccer game in 45 min, however, I need to find athletic tape and leather food. I thought the former may be found at CVS, but to no avail. K-mart maybe?

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