Monday, October 27, 2008

Q1 MKT and a very busy Sunday

Grades from Q1 are slowly trickling in to our student mailboxes. On Friday, half of us chose to pick up our exam and the other half left the news until this morning. I was happy with my performance, but as usual, need to work on my class participation. The only difficulty with the class participation is that it's subjective on the professors' part and though the professors swear they can recreate 85 minutes of individual comments when they return to their office, I still have my doubts. I suppose the good news is that Darden is non-disclosure in regards to grades, however, it is known that consulting companies and investment banks DO ask about grades. Though some grades carry more weight than others. I think consulting wants you're overall GPA, but banking is more interested in Decision Analysis and Accounting. Either way, as much as we all understand that the majority of the class will get a B, we still fret about grades.

As for the weekend, I spent Sunday morning volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club Bicycle Race. It was extremely cold at 7 am, but I enjoyed seeing a few classmates before the ride, dressed in spandex nonetheless. At 10 am sharp, I picked up the rest of my volunteers and headed back to Ivy, swapping one roommate for another before a number of us went to soccer. Unfortunately, we suffered another loss. I should be used to the losses by now, but every weekend, I return to the field with the thought that THIS week will be different. It's frustrating coming from a highly competitive team to one that isn't as competitive, but the irony is, I'm not as mad at the end of the day as I would be on a losing team in SF. I'm not sure if that's because I'm simply happy that I can still play or my fabulous teammates make it all bearable. Either way, I'm hoping for at least a tie this coming Sunday. It will be difficult to field a team due to career tracks this weekend and the fact that those not taking a career tracks will likely take the two free days (Thursday and Friday) and get out of dodge for a little bit. (I know I'm working on plans though I will be back for the 9am game). The rest of my Sunday wrapped up with cases and LT. Thankfully, I made it to bed by 10:30p, putting me at the gym at 6am.

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