Monday, October 13, 2008


I despise waking up Monday morning with a headache after a nice relaxing weekend. However, I think this Monday morning took the cake - it was another exam Monday and as I anticipated my 5 hour Operations exam, I knew, the headache wasn't going to fade. Indeed, the exam could have been better, at this point though, there is nothing left to worry about, it's in the past.

Today's exam was MUCH better. I spent yesterday afternoon resting with the hopes that the headache would disappear long enough for me to review DA, which was a silly thought given that I spent 3 hours on review slides for the section. Suppose this means I SHOULD know what I'm doing. I stopped by a neighbor's review with the intention of learning through osmosis, instead, I spent the majority of my time tutoring. I dreamt of DA and dummy variables and was quite happy to wake without a headache this morning. I feel I rocked DA, but have learned it's better not to talk about a test once it's finished. There is no benefit of talking about it as it'll simply frustrate you or someone else because one of you thought of something the other didn't.

I now sit here staring blankly at my accounting books. Financial accounting comes easily to me as it should because I was an accounting major in undergrad. Managerial on the other hand, I NEED to study. This is the last test until freedom and it definitely feels good, yet I have gotten used to this "lax" lifestyle called finals. Six of the last seven days have entailed something active - that's got to be a FY Darden record. Soon enough, insanity will ensue, physical activity will falter and life will return to Darden rigor, but not without massive celebrating for 4 days straight starting tomorrow afternoon. Q1 is almost over!

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