Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feels like Friday!

Perhaps the best part of today is that fact that it isn't Friday and the FYs of Darden have little planned between now and Monday, unless of course, you're attending the consulting conference this weekend. I have one more exam under my belt since my last post and damn it feels good. Truth is, I know far more about financial accounting than managerial, but the test didn't SEEM as bad as it could have. I'm stoked to be done and it amuses me how our test was due at 3p and Q2 cases were in our mailboxes by noon. I suppose they want to make sure we're aware that Q2 starts Monday, but as my roommate said, the cases can't be too hard. It's the beginning all over again! Festivities are planned for the rest of the afternoon and I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to attend. Drinks at Biltmore started 13 minutes ago, as did the BBQ at JJ's house. 8p kicks off the Section D party downtown as well as Section A pub golf. By 10p, we'll reconvene at Zydeco for the mustache competition though I'll be much happier when the boys shave 'em off. ;) The ringleader of this competition looks like Super Mario.

SEXY HUH? Needless to say, it's time for a little more R&R.

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Jackie said...

LOL! Love the Super Mario analogy. Hilarious (and quite accurate).