Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Overdue Report

One of my faithful readers brought to my attention that I never reported back after my marketing exam. I promise, it didn't slip my mind. Here's the recap, we were given 5 hours to complete the exam. Most of us were told that it shouldn't take us the entire time, so with a level of time mismanagement due to our skewed perception, there are a number of people who either, didn't finish the exam or were cranking until the last possible minute. I was the latter, however, I do feel I completed the entire exam, which is more than I can say for a few classmates who accidentally missed questions.

Most students reconvened near the Darden Library, which was the drop off, around 3p. A number of us attended a leadership speaker series at which the founder and CEO of Under Armor, Kevin Plank, spoke. He was phenomenal. Although marketing is the last function I want to do, his enthusiasm made a couple of us think twice. I especially liked his quote, "I was smart enough to be naive enough to not know what I couldn't accomplish." The "Cold Call" (beer, food and socializing) was held immediately after the presentation and was sponsored by Under Armor. Friday night, many of us over celebrated our completion of the first exam. Saturday, I missed the football game, but was told it was a great game given that Virginia pulled off its 2nd win of the season, 31-0.

Saturday night, more of us continued celebrating, this time, no alcohol in hand for me. Three on the Corner plays 80s every Saturday night, so we entertained ourselves with dancing. Given that I blew off cases for most the weekend, Sunday was quite busy with 3 cases, soccer and a double header for softball. This week kicked off with briefings, cases, classes and networking events. I love that I'm already working banker's hours, but I'm paying to be here.

The next exam is Friday in Leading Organizations. We've been prepped to write 8-10 pages using the various management concepts we've learned over the last quarter. But of course, using only the RELEVANT concepts. After the weekend, we have 3 exams at the beginning of next week. I can't wait for a break! 'Til then, BRING IT ON!

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Ameya said...

Hey Paige!!! Glad you posted this :)
Have been busy lately but might need to get in touch with you soon...