Monday, June 25, 2007

3 Weeks

Three weeks from today, right about this time, I will be sitting in a center in San Francisco writing the first essay of my GMAT test. It's a bit bizarre to think that in three weeks I will be starting a new path. The next step of life will be graduate school. I haven't given much thought to if I want to stay in California or if I'd prefer to try another state or even country. I bounce ideas around, but not enough to make any concrete decisions. The test is my focus right now and it's what is important. Twenty-one days, the ring is a bit more relieving than three weeks. Three weeks may be more than my annual vacation, but it's definitely enough to scare me. I am overwhelmed right now and just need to focus.

Some days I feel confident that my quantitative skills are up to par. Some days I know I can correct sentences. Others I fail to answer questions quickly. I should have started looking at the Analytical Writing section earlier. It isn't going to be difficult if I know the topic. However, thus far, my knowledge on the test topics has been limited. Looks like I will be reading the Economist and the Wall Street Journal for the next couple of weeks.

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