Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SF Giants

I wouldn't quite call myself a Giants fan. There again, I wouldn't call myself a baseball fan either. I know enough to understand it, but it is definitely not my passion. In general, I'd rather watch no TV than a baseball game. I find that they are often boring and I end up napping through the majority of the game.

However, recently I've been invited to two Giants games in the last couple weeks. I attended both and I must admit, it was a great time. I probably spent more time talking to the person/people next to me than watching the game, but I guess that is what I found so amusing. It's no college football game, but I can understand why it's called America's favorite pastime. In the game I attended last night, Barry Bonds hit a home run, Matt Morris pitched a full game and the center fielder for the Giants made one hell of a catch as his body hammered into the wall. The company has been superb, the hot dogs not bad, and the two games I've attended quite good. With the two wins I've seen, I'd never know the Giants are in last place.

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