Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quarter Century

It's a bit strange when I tell someone that I've been playing soccer for almost 20 years. I'm not sure I ever thought that I would be doing anything for 20 years. In 20 days, I will be 25 years old. I'm a college graduate, I have a good job, an active life, and great friends. I'm doing pretty well. In the next few weeks I will embark upon a test that may change my future. I'm not saying the test itself will make or break me, but a surprising score to the positive could open up many opportunities.

This time last year I had a countdown running. It wasn't a countdown to the GMAT, but one to an annual trip that I grew so very fond. VEGAS. Four years running, we took an annual trip to Vegas. Each year, more girls attended and less guys. It was about being with my close girlfriends to celebrate a holiday that I find very special for each individual. This year though, I canceled the trip. It wasn't something I did yesterday, but something I put lots of thought into. It just wasn't me this year. I would hate to say I've grown out of Vegas or even more that I've grown out of birthdays. But something was off. Luckily, I'm still happy with my decision.

I will admit that when I glance through pictures, and browse through old blogs, it touches me. There was a time when celebrating birthdays and throwing the biggest bashes was me. Somehow, I've lost that. I suppose I have lost the innocence of it. Nowadays I just hope that the day will pass like any other. Perhaps a few good birthday wishes from close friends to remind me what day it is. However, I just long to have no tears and a good night rest. I'm not "celebrating" my birthday this year.

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