Thursday, June 28, 2007

Argentina 4...

Ouch! That's how I feel after the portion of the US v. Argentina game that I got to see. The game started off promising. I missed the first few mintues, but turned on the TV just in time to see the foul in the box that ended in a US PK goal. Not a horrible way to start the game after 8 mintues. Sad thing is, that's the only goal they'd get all game. I had to run out for the rest of the first half and 20 minutes of the second half. I returned to a 2-1 game with Argentina in the lead. I thought, not good, but there's still time. Needless to say, time didn't help.

Argentina played clean. Lots of crisp passes and good movement of the ball. They only turned over the ball because of good defense. The US on the other hand had problems. They didn't create space and couldn't settle the ball. I felt they didn't have a sense of urgency when they needed it. But in all fairness, I will say the goals scored by Argentina were nice. Good passing, good crossing, good finishing. (At least the ones I saw). Fot me, it's off to soccer now. Hopefully my game goes better than the one I just watched.

Highlights should be on soon. I'm hoping they were just getting the kinks out and the next games will be better.

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