Monday, July 02, 2007

14 Days

2 weeks = 14 days = 336 hours = 20,160 minutes. This is how much longer I have to study. In some cases it'd be better to get the test over tomorrow, but in others, I find I still need to brush up on my probability including permutations and combinations. Once upon a time there were cool calculator keys that did the computation for you as long as you could figure out the correct numbers to plug in. Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to use calculators on this test.

I also realized today that I definitely need to go over some "GMAT" grammar. It's written that way because it isn't exactly the same as your everyday grammar. I would say that I am a fairly good writer. I often use transition words, more out of habit than conscious effort. I try to cut out the "crap" and make sentences concise. I proofread a lot of material at work before it goes to press. My boss often takes whatever suggestions I make as well. However with all the "GMAT" grammar I've studied. I find that I second guess sentences more than I used to. I'm always trying to figure out if it's the correct structure, verb tense, transition etc.. I feel like I almost knew English better before I started studying for this stupid test. I call it stupid because I'm ready to have it done.

The Fourth of July is on Wednesday and as much as I would love to go out and socialize, I need to prioritize. Something that as much as I've been doing, I've managed to have one too many 5 am nights. I will have my nose in a book and wll stop by the gym. Hopefully these days fly by and the information sinks in... dinner and books.

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