Sunday, July 22, 2007

Footy and Football

I play football on a consistent basis, but it's only referred to as football for the rest of the world. Today started off great. Michelle crashed over here after a fun night out. We caught breakfast at Bay Watch in Millbrae. I must admit, I miss the days of Le Peep and Boulder. Lots of good memories after crazy drunk nights! :D

An old middle school friend set up a football game (American) for 11am sharp. It was touch, small field, 3v3 to begin. I would consider myself athletic, however, I don't think I've actually ever played football. My eye hand coordination sucks! Needless to say, 4 more people showed and we had a game of 5v5. It was a blast. 75 degrees and sunny, nice grass, no shoes, I miss these days! Although I did get laid out by the big guy twice. The first time, he ran into me when we were running our routes and the second, I put my body in front of him to block my QB. OUCH!

After football, Michelle and I returned home. She rinsed and we were off to footy. Unfortunately it was an entirely different weather pattern in SF. Footy didn't go quite as well as I would have liked and I feel like I've been through WWIII. I got a cleat to the thigh and caught a shot on my arm. Trust me, I didn't mean to do the latter. I now have a welt in the form of a hexagon on my arm. Sometimes I wonder how I'm still standing.

Footy was followed by Windy City deep dish pizza. Mmmm mmmmm gooood! And of course, you have to have Cold Stone for dessert. I <3 food!

Finally, I dropped Michelle off at the airport. Talk about a whirlwind vacation! It's been a great, but not so lazy Sunday. It's now time to shower and catch up on some phone calls before a beer with the crew coming in from St Thomas. TROUBLE.

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