Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's Sunday and I'll admit, I'm tired. The weekend was definitely a winner. I hung out low key on Friday night. I'll admit I didn't know what to do with myself on Saturday considering I had no books to read and nothing to study. I tried to clean up a bit, but ended up spending my day importing music. Crystal had told me I had to be ready at 8:15 pm to go out. I couldn't figure out where we were going that early especially seeing it didn't include dinner, but I wasn't about to argue.

Drea picked me up at 8:30 pm. We went to Crystal's and I'll admit, I knew something was a bit fishy when we needed to park. We never park at Crystal's. Anyhow, I walked in to some great friends surprising me for a fun night out. (Thanks Crystal, Andrea, Jay, Mark, Lamar, Jimmy, Jordan, Mike and Pasha!) I was told there were 2 more surprises! And then they forced alcohol on me... (ok, maybe I willingly drank it)

I had told everyone months ago that we weren't celebrating my birthday. Turns out no one listened. I told them we could celebrate my GMAT score. :D

After a bunch of phone calls back and forth, my next surprise walked in. My friend Michelle flew out for the night from Colorado. She walked in and I didn't know what to say. I was about to ask "what are you doing here?", but I stopped myself. That was simply a very silly question. In the beginning I was definitely very quiet. I didn't know how to react to everything. I'm not normally the follower.

The third surprise was a navigator stretch limo! Unfortunately the limo didn't get any radio stations, so we spent half our trip to SF trying to find music. The other half was drinking champagne and making toasts.

We stopped by Rouge for a cocktail, which is where Ahna met us. After that, we traversed the city to Roe. We manged to get a CD from the driver so that we weren't listening to static. Unfortunately it had to be a sex remix of sorts. All songs, but the last two were definitely to set the mood. After 10 minutes at Roe, we decided that Roe wasn't going to happen. Both the VIP line as well as the pay line were around the block. We diligently tried to get someone to give us a burned CD, but to no avail.

Medjool in the Mission was our last stop. I had been there once, but spent the majority of my time on the rooftop deck. I was sad to find that they actually played good dance music in the main room, so this time around, I was all about the dance floor. Our journey to Medjool was just as entertaining as all the others. I was very close to getting us a CD, but the light turned green and the guy was turning, bummer!

Overall, it was a great night and I have great friends!!!

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