Thursday, June 14, 2007


I sit here with my nose buried in a book, going through quantitative and verbal problems testing material I haven't studied in depth for anywhere from 7-10 years. It's a bit surreal, but leaves me wanting more. When I first began my job 3 years ago, everything was new. Every new thing brought a good challenge to keep me occupied and learning. Lately, those challenges have fallen by the wayside. I started thinking about the GMAT over a year ago. I took a class, but found that I didn't recognize most of the material presented. Instead of doing the smart thing and sitting down to study it, I basically let it all go. My parents would ask from time to time what I was doing about the GMAT. I tended to leave that question on hold. Other close people in my life would bring it up, and I would feel a bit of ill will for them asking. But the truth, it wasn't any of them that frustrated me as much as it was me. I had just let the GMAT slide. So here I am, studying. No class. Just books. So far, it's going well. Although I will admit that I make stupid mistakes from time to time and I need to focus more on the content in the question in front of me than what I think it is asking. A little recharge this weekend will be nice. Time to get out of the house, but still no drinking until this test is over. The weeks are passing quickly.

In honor of all the GMAT studying I've been doing lately... a comic to make this Thursday a little lighter.

Gotta smile


GMAt test tips said...

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Correspondence MBA said...

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